School Messenger Instructions

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Parents/guardians are automatically set up to receive broadcasts from their child(ren)'s school(s) through our communication platform, SchoolMessenger Communicate!

Using the email address that the school has on file for you, create an account as per the steps below.  Having an account will allow you to adjust your preferences for how you wish to receive broadcasts (e.g., by phone, email, text, a combination, or all three!), and the types of broadcasts you wish to receive.  Follow these steps to create an account: 
You will need to create a password.  Once you have logged in, select “Preferences” from the top left and make any adjustments you wish.

PLEASE NOTE: Receiving broadcasts by text requires an extra step.  Using the wireless number that the school has on file for you, you will need to opt in by texting Yes using the short code 978338 (standard message and data rates may apply).

If you already created a SchoolMessenger account last year, you are all set.  You do not need to go through this process again.

IMPORTANT: Broadcasts will be sent to you based on the phone, wireless, and email contact information that you submitted to the school.  Contact the school at any time if you wish to make changes to your contact information.
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